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My kids are the strangest of strange

So, it’s been a while since my son and I have been able to hang out on our usual Sunday (son_day) being that he’s been out of the country, enjoying the beautiful beaches of the Bahamas for most of the summer. Well, upon his return, he has made it his business to spend some very well missed quality time with me and is not taking “No” or “later” for an answer. So, after rearranging a few things to free up for this “NOW” time, I planned a few things special things for us to do. We started off by visiting a few family members, took a trip to the park

kiko-amahr park strange blog
 and grabbed a bite to eat at a local burger joint where we spoke about his progress in school his goals for the month and a few other things. Perhaps putting too much on him at this age, but it’s better this than sponge bob.


eager to get back to my home office to put final touches on a couple of projects I had been working on so head home. You know you’ve done what you’re supposed to do when He’s nodding on the drive. Exhausted! Which means, I have pretty much opened up the rest of my night… Little did I know, our quality time was far from over, because in addition to what I had planned he himself had a few ideas.  It’s amazing how he went from this state of sleep to wide awake real quick. It’s almost impossible to believe, that he was the guy asleep in the car. “Daddy, Are you going to cook dinner so we can eat it while we watch a movie?” He says or asks not quite sure. Begging and pleading with all of that sweet stuff on top that all the little kids like. “okay.” I replied after a few minutes of pleading that I refuse to put up with at the moment. So I cooked and found the best movie on at the time and happened to be one of his favorite super-heroes. Excited he was and seeing him as excited just kinda rubbed off on me a little because now I’m as anxious as he is to see this movie with my partner.

10 minutes into the movie, I hear snoring…and He’s out. Wait that’s not it, I am so ready to watch this movie with my partner now that I try to wake him up and whoa! Did he seem possessed. Funny as any moment I’ve encountered this year. He’s strange.

Isn’t this a bit strange?



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