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It is important that we know about the genre of music in which we have take the liberty of representing. I am referring to #Hiphop, Which for generations has served as tool for motivation and self pride to many young urban kids. It has not only brought millions of people together in harmony and unity, but has also brought them together in causes that revolutionized a society that we are now in. Through Hiphop, entities that we need not mention have taken control of not only the music that expresses the culture but also those who listen to and live it. Once those entities had gained control of this “niche”, It was a piece of cake to set the people in disarray.

Yes, Hiphop… but why?    First, we must ask ourselves “What is Hiphop?” which is the purpose of this page.  We’re going to begin by first using clip of an interview with KRS-1 (Hiphop artist and Black culture Educator). It says:

(    In its true essence, Hiphop cannot be (and should not be) interpreted or described fully in words. It is a feeling. An awareness.

1 Intellectually, it is an alternative behavior that enables one to transform subjects and objects in an attempt to describe and/or change the character and desires of ones being.

2 Hiphop is a unique inner-city awareness that enhances ones ability to self-create. It is a “sight.”

3 In the past Hiphop was spelled “hip-hop.” True Hiphoppas are advised to spell Hiphop with a capital “H,” as it is the name of our collective consciousness and our kulture.

4 Hiphop, spelled “hip-hop,” means (hip) trendy, (hop) jump or dance. We are not just a “trendy dance” however, those that spell Hiphop like this (hip-hop) usually approaches Hiphop like a trendy dance or music.

5 In addition, Hiphop’s kultural unity is established by spelling Hiphop as one word, “Hiphop,” unless the term “Hiphop” is being displayed as art or in public advertisement.

6 Those that spell Hiphop, “hip-hop” are undermining Hiphop’s kultural unity and demeaning the importance of what Hiphop really is.

7 Know this. Hiphop spelled “Hiphop,” is not only the code for writers that participate in Hiphop’s preservation, generally it is a matter of respect!

KRS-ONE. 2000. “The First Overstanding ‘The Refinitions’.” Davey D’s [electronic] FNV Newsletter.  )

I’ll let that soak in a bit…

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