[Kollabahz Korner] A little something for the Dj’s

Jan 11, 2018 by Amuss - 0 Comments

A little something for the Dj’s


If you are a Dj, like a lot of you may very well be,  then this set up is probably one that you to upgrade to. The piece of equipment has all of the flashy lights and up to date gadgets that abu Dj would be more than willing to settle with, and with a price tag of 1,500 it is very possible.

I had the opportunity to visit a local music store in the Orlando area with usb drive and took the baby for a spin. Unfortunately for me, the machine has two ports for external storage and I only had the one. So, it is like trying to Dj with one record. 

Regardless of that, I was pleased with the functionality of it and would recommend it to those shopping for and up to date standalone unit.


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