[Kollabahz Korner] In the lab: “I Ain’t Shit” rough draft

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In the lab: Ain’t Shit (rough draft)

sect music video - i aint shit

executive produced by Abdul Jabar for sectmusic entertainment produced by Dj Jahbarz written by Abdul Jabar (amuss publishing/ASCAP)

“I ain’t shit” is the word around if you get it from the mouth of these scandalous, sideways hating guys and these lonely behind, trifling females.  So the sone addresses that. Sarcastically agreeing with those who have that to say. Abdul Jabar states his mission clearly on the song, just so there would be no mistakes about it.

In the short video below you’ll hear a rough draft of the single “I ain’t shit” by Abdul Jabar of sect music and entertainment.  The project was being worked on as it was being recorded.

Check out the video

A kollabahz project in the works… This one entitled | I AintShit|
If you’d like to collaborate on this project or any others,
send your email submission to kollabahz@sectmusic.com subject: #kollab/IAS.

hear the mp3 version  

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