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This is where we at SECT Music Entertainment and our affiliates at the Independent Artists Network Community, Kollabahz,  release our project ideas, rough drafts of current projects, and concepts that we are looking for hot independent artists to feature on.
Because of the many different styles, the variations of beliefs, the many different cultures involved in these future projects, you can already imagine that there is going to be a gumbo of flavor to be savored. Many expressive forms, many realities to voice. Kollabahz Korner puts you there.  you will see, hear, and experience most of the live artist interviews, Hiphop/Rap freestyles, poetic or political thoughts, lots of comedy, candid moments with everyday people, conversations with Aspiring producers, promoters, choreographers, fashion designers, photographers, models, and many more.

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The Color Codes instrumental mixtape is the latest of the  mixtape series being released by the in house producers at sect music and entertainment. This mixtape includes 7 unique and exclusive only to www.sectmusic.com

To hear each of the tracks on this mixtape follow this link, or to hear more tracks and instrumental mixtapes check out the sect beatstore

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[Beatstore] FUHST - free instrumental download

FUHST - free instrumental download This is the first of the 13 part project that we will be releasing this up coming year. It was called "FUHST" for that reason,  it was the "fuhst" (which is first, spoken with a virgin islanders accent). The track holds on to the signature sounds of Dj Jahbarz with a little extra. This is surely worth the time. FUHST - free instrumental download: The Production This one is a great track for a storyline. It's 808 drums are pretty much standard to that of early Hip Hop with a mysterious combination of sounds that only Dj Jahbarz ...

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[Video] Ain't putting in | Jon jon feat. Abdul Jabar

Ain't putting in | Jon jon feat. Abdul Jabar Ain't putting in: The video Sanford Florida's own Jon-jon on one of the hottest tracks that summer. Features Abdul Jabar for sectmusic and produced by the young producers idol Vello. Appearances by School boy Ainzy and KoeMan. We decided to do a video for that track because it was hot... So we drove out to Apopka Florida where Jon jon resided at the time, and we got it in. Shooting the video was a wild event for everyone there because the whole thing was shot off of two phones. We shot a couple of scenes ...

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[Video] Mister mister | Abdul Jabar

Mister mister | Abdul Jabar Mister mister: The Video The Video for "Mister mister" performed by Abdul Jabar for sect music and entertainment is another one of those videos that we have self produced and directed for our ourselves. The shooting for this one involved a couple of laptops and a smartphone. It was all shot in 3 different areas aound the condominiums that I stayed in or around the neighborhood nearby.  This one was shot about 5 to 6 years ago. It is a throwback joint with the same overtones as the Blackfist movement project. Mister mister: The concept The concept is more ...

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[Video] Look down on em | Above Everything

Look down on em|Above Everything Look down on em|Above Everything: The video The video for this joint was shot in Orlando Florida on the east side. Collectively the artists all knew that from the title of the song, "Look down on em", that they had to position themselves high  enough above the horizon and have the camera as low as possible as to not lose any footage.  There were a few moments of laughter during the shoot as the artists were trying to get themselves in and off of the roof. The camera used in this project was actually a Mac book pro ...

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[Beatstore] SEHKAN - free instrumental download

SEHKAN - free instrumental download SEHKAN - free instrumental download Well, by the looks of this one, and from the explanation on the fuhst download released last week, you should be able to put two and two together to figure out this is "sehkan" or (second) release of the sect beatstore free instrumental download of which there are much more of to come in the future. SEHKAN - free instrumental download: The production The production is none different than you'd expect from Dj Jahbarz. It is a Bass filled track, with nice levels of highs and mids. the snare game is there as you'd ...

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[Kollabahz Korner] In the lab: I Ain't Shit rough draft

In the lab: Ain't Shit (rough draft) executive produced by Abdul Jabar for sectmusic entertainment produced by Dj Jahbarz written by Abdul Jabar (amuss publishing/ASCAP) "I ain't shit" is the word around if you get it from the mouth of these scandalous, sideways hating guys and these lonely behind, trifling females.  So the sone addresses that. Sarcastically agreeing with those who have that to say. Abdul Jabar states his mission clearly on the song, just so there would be no mistakes about it. In the short video below you'll hear a rough draft of the single "I ain't shit" by Abdul Jabar of sect music ...

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[Kollabahz Korner] In the lab: Working on I see

In the lab: Working on "I see" Giving you a preview of one our joints off of the "Black fist Project" entitled "I See"   Check out the video. If you'd like to collaborate on this project or any others, for that matter send your email submission to kollabahz@sectmusic.com  subject: #kollab/SEE.  to collaborate on this particular project. Video courtesy of Kollabahz.

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[Interview] 20 plus Artist Questions

Kollabahz Korner: Interview Questions If you have made it to this post it is either because you have been invited or have submitted a request to be our featured artist or to do the kollabahz artist interview. These are pretty much the questions that will be asked on the independent artist interview. There may be a few impromptu questions that could come up during the course of the interview, as to elaborate some point or make things a little clearer for our reader/listeners, but those will more than likely be asked off of questions you have answered during the interview already. Preparation The ...

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[Kollabahz Korner] A little something for the Dj's

A little something for the Dj's   If you are a Dj, like a lot of you may very well be,  then this set up is probably one that you to upgrade to. The piece of equipment has all of the flashy lights and up to date gadgets that abu Dj would be more than willing to settle with, and with a price tag of 1,500 it is very possible. I had the opportunity to visit a local music store in the Orlando area with usb drive and took the baby for a spin. Unfortunately for me, the machine has two ports for ...

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