Kollabahz Krate Radio

Kollabahz Krate radio


This going to be your formal introduction to the newest addition to the sectmusic.com website, and sect music and entertainment’s kollabahz network community yet. I am pleased to announce the pre-launch phase of “KOLLABAHZ KRATE”. What is it, you ask?…

what is Kollabahz Krate radio

Well, “kollabahz krate” is Our radio like site, whose home is the www.sectmusic.com site.  I’d like to think of it as uncensored-ly censored.  where careful consideration is applied when programming as the gold is to be adversely similar to radio-stations which purposely play destruction to it’s listeners. Our playlists or rotation choices are selected from among our kollabahz members whom have made submissions. Artists on kollabahz krate will also be considered for sect music and entertainments “featured artist” portion on the website for the duration of a month as well as the song(s) that they have in rotation with reviews by listeners.

kollabahz krate is also  a place where you can catch relevant interviews of upcoming artists, actors/actresses, a&r’s, agents, audio engineers, choreographers, dancers, dj’s, editors, fans, managers, photo/video models, poets, photographer, promoters, singers, videographers, writers and more.

prepare to be “edutained” ( a term coined by KRS1 in the early 90’s joining education and entertainment) by our line up of great inspirational, motivating and powerful morning, noon, evening, and late night segments.

Kollabahz Krate radio submissions

To submit your project, you must first upload the files under your profile and send your email request tokollabahzkrate@sectmusic.com with subject: #radio-spins. As your request is being considered, please use the time to post links to some of your other materials for members can hear and spread the word of your recent rotation placement. None of this works without support.

If you would like to consider hosting one of our talk segments or you have something informative that you would like to broadcast, then we are more than open to see or hear your video auditions. please submit that material tokollabahzkrate@sectmusic.com and subject: #showhost. files should be in a standard format.