[Love and Advice] How to keep your guy

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How to keep your guy

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There are plenty of beautiful ladies out there who are probably not having any problems with picking up guys or maybe you are dating with no problems at all. That’s great of you are wanting to stay on the dating scene, good for you.  This one, however,  is for my ladies out there who are having issues holding on to the guy you feel is your “One” after you have dated for a while.

We have put together a very good list of do’ s and do not’s for you to follow in order for you to put not the physical chains, but the psychological chains on him so that he wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Keep him challenged mentally.

Being connected mentally with the guy you are after or with is one of the most important things you can do to keep him where you need him… right besides you.

In order for you to do this, you will have to keep in mind the things that he is interested in and find out more about these things, especially if they are not things that you both hold in common. I mean if this is someone you plan to be with for a long period of time then you might as well learn to connect with him.

Knowing what challenges your guy is pertinent to keeping this guy,  because if you know what challenges him this gives you the opportunity to assist in helping him in meeting these challenges.  This approach is by no means to be taken as a competitive one but to be more of the help meet.

Play his games with him

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Guys have certain things or they find things to do to preoccupy themselves with when they’re in between real life activities such as family, work, school, etc… These activities that they use to occupy themselves with may include watching sports, playing video games, building things, making music, or maybe they smoke marijuana as a past time. Either way, those are times that you yourself can become a part of, if you are willing to learn about his interests.

Playing his game with him is not to sound as if you are being played or playing with him emotionally and that you are to engage a psychological war against him, NO. What is meant by playing his game with him is just that.

Find a past time that he enjoys and partake in it. If he is a weed or pot head, then instead of having him leave the house to smoke with his other friends, in order to be around other who are doimg the same things, you should instead smoke a joint or two with him every now and then. That alone can change the whole dynamics of his thought process. You will notice the look on his Eye now shows one of relief or a sense of peace. If you won’t Or can’t smoke with him because of whatever reason, keep him entertained while he does,  Or at least learn how to roll a blunt and have it ready for when he’s ready. Especially if you are in a  relationship where smoking was something that you were both participating in together.

Pillow talk and Body actions 

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Most guys are physically sexual beings… meaning that 75 to 85 percent of the time they have some sort of sexual thoughts going through their heads. Knowing what to say or how to say things, and even the tone of your voice can ensure that you get the results that you are seeking from your guy and the amount of free time that he has, he would not mind spending with you.

When I refer to bedroom or pillow talk, it is not something to only be implemented in this area of your life, but to become your life. Speaking in tones of seduction is like a music to the ears of the male… or any species for that matter, and as the old saying goes “music soothes the savaged beast.”

When Man and woman are genuinely connected, less words are used as opposed to before their connection, and more subtle body actions say a whole lot more. In many events just an innocent look to everyone else on the partners face can be saying “Baby, Let’s go home”.

Be his Eye Candy

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 There is an old saying that says that “Men like what they see and Women like what they hear” that I believe is very useful in how to keep your guy.

In the very large majority of first encounters with your male counterpart,  you were something that he felt he couldn’t resist, maybe it was the way your breast sat in your blouse, maybe your hips in a pair of jeans, maybe it was your smile, or your eyes who knows, but something about you attracted him. Eye Candy is not just the way you dress, but the way you appear in whatever you wear.

Women have a tendency of getting comfortable around their man and forget to continue being the beautiful women that he fell for. Being that object of his attention not only energizes him, but it also stimulates him mentally,  and hence physically.  Do not forget to keep your sexy.

Whatever you are doing around the man you chose to be with, you should look your best doing it. Keep your sexy in mind. Wear those little shorts that he likes to do the dishes, your matching bra and panties set when you doing his meal, and so forth.  In doing so you are sure to keep his mind focused on you, you will become the woman that he measures others to.

Don’t be afraid to go out to a novelty store and pick up exotic lingeries, sexy costumes, panties and stockings to stimulate your guys interest. Things like this, pleasant seductive surprises, is a good way of peaking his interest and stimulating him mentally, he will almost always have a curiosity about what you will become next and this will also enhance and intensify the physical act of love making.

The Royal treatment

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You live in a society where women are fighting for equalities in which they should already have. In that type of societal system men are often not given their just due recognition as such. So implementing the royal treatment will instantly put you ahead of the pack. A lot of men have only heard the stories from other older men, about this type of treatment from their wives, or significant other.  Men of this generation who have women of this caliber are few and far between.

Making him feel like a King, your King is certainly the best way of having him see you as his Queen.  Your treatment of him as the King of the household or kings dome  (kingdom) guarantees reciprocity from him. He should always feel like your man… ” the man”,  just as you should always feel like you are his woman. There is nothing wrong with that at all…though being that this is not about that, we have to give the focus to allowing the Man to be the Man. To do so, you should at all costs make him feel like your King. He should not have to initiate all of your intimate activity.  Neglect in doing so can lead to him being deprived of that experience and perhaps even be more susceptible to advances of other women. Be spontaneous,  be sensual and most importantly be his woman.

Before he leaves home 

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It is very important that your guy gets jis space. Even if its for only a few moments to get a change of scenery or for a breath of fresh air. Feed him, feed him, feed him. I can not stress this enough.  When I say feed him, I mean in every aspect. You have to cook for that guy, make sure he has a full stomach before he walks out of that door. You also have to feed him sexually. Make sure that you have fulfilled his every desire, want and need. Do not let him leave the house without first being satisfied in the best way.

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