[Love and Advice] Learning when to let go

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[Love and Advice] Learning when to let go

“It’s cheaper to keep her” you’ve heard the song, or have heard the saying once or twice before. The reference comes from an old song where the artist implies that it is much less expensive to keep her around than the pain it’s worth to let her go. That is probably some of the more solid of Love and Advice tips out there.

stop cheating yourself- FI Love and AdviceYes, there is a but… and when there is a “but” everything that was said before it, is then negated, In other words, there is a time to let go and knowing when that time is is very crucial to the outcome of your happiness. Yeah, Really! Letting go at the wrong time can be detrimental to one’s happiness and probably to one’s health.

Beginning to let go

Every relationship is not going to have the same set of circumstances and although some may be similar, the people involved and the paradigms that govern them will not be and that must be taken into consideration when taking this information in. First of, let’s know that the number one facilitator in making the correct choice when it comes to letting go, is uncensored sense honesty with yourself and a subjective third person view of the relationship itself. Once all of that honest information that you’ve considered about yourself and your relationship are gathered, then you are in a better position to choose wisely and not make a decision based your emotions or with the heart as they say. As the heart, or emotions, become the basis of your decision in a life changing event, you will learn that a bad decision is more likely to be made. The second factor to consider is the significant other in this relationship. Clearly if the other person is against keeping the relationship together then that’s an indicator on what you need to do. If you are both unsure, then there is a different case there. Cheaper to keep her!.

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