[Love and Advice] Love making is mental

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Love Making is Mental

In a perfect world, love making would only be physical and would not require the involvement of the mind in order for both parties to be intimately satisfied. Unfortunately for us as human beings , it doesn’t work that way and we do have to involve the mental aspect of our complicated bodies in order to pull it off. Upon meeting a person of some interest to us, we are pretty much attracted to the physical attributes of that person.  Once that attraction of the physical is established the mental attraction has already been activated. Adding to the physical attraction then becomes what we wish to learn from the subject. When the time comes for the physical act of love making to be made, if the mind is not fully involved, then performance becomes an issue. Then if performance becomes an issue, then not soon after that does most or a lot of relationships have failed.


In having numerous conversations with different women, of various ages and backgrounds, it has been established by them that during times of stress, or preoccupation with other things not related or relevant to the love making session, makes it difficult for some and impossible for others to reach climax. Some have even went on to say that it doesn’t even matter how good the act is. Basically leading to the conclusion that if the mind is not fully involved in the moment, that reaching orgasm becomes more and more difficult for the woman.


In the case of the male this case is more obvious. In order for the male to engage in the act of love making, his member must be erected. Erection happens when the body is stimulated by touch or sight and some times, even by a set of words spoken in a proper tone. Either way having the mind involved. Unfortunately for the male, he can not be intimately involved without the arousal of his private parts. The more aroused he is, then his performance becomes that much better.

Love Making is mental

If the time is not being taken by both persons participating in the act of love making to equally stimulate the other, if you are not experiencing any sort of pleasure by seeing your partner in bliss or experiencing the arousing effects of your action during foreplay, then that should really be your goal. Getting to know your mate, getting to know what turns them on, knowing what sorts of touches please her/him, knowing what types of words or phrases puts her in the mood, and setting the environment to make losing yourself mentally be as easy sitting down, can make the difference between outstanding love making and average to below average sex.


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