[Love and Advice] Re-Igniting the fire

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Re-Igniting the fire

What is the fire?

The connection between man and woman is one that can not be matched or replaced in no way, shape or fashion. It is the way that the almighty creator intended it. So, it is perfect.

This fire can be compared to electrical power. When Man (negative) and Woman  (positive) connect, There is power there. Life. This is the fire that drives the relationship. This fire is fed when it is properly charged.

Though throughout the coarse of of these relationships between man and woman, oftentimes there is a period where the fire has dwindled or the attraction seemingly just isn’t there anymore. This is where they begin to encounter problems or lose interest in one another and this spreads into the bedroom, and may even cause on to step out of the relationship to go elsewhere searching for an accelerant to re-lite that flame only to find out that the flame burns where it is kindled.

When the thrill is gone.

A great contributing factor to the loss of fire or energy in a relationship is that we tend to get comfortable with our significant other and we forget, or neglect to say the nice things or we stop performing those endless acts of kindness that we started with in the beginning of the relationship allowing for that flame to flicker out.

When that fire is gone, or just becomes a flickering flame, the way that you treat one another begins to falter as well. You will begin to notice changes in behavior, notice the need to be away for longer periods of time and out of the presence of your mate, and other things, menial things begin to consume your interest.

Refueling the flame

If you are one that believes that as is in the macrocosm so is in the microcosm, then you would make reference to the seasons of the year and how everything has its cycle. Unfortunately,  in many if not all, relationships there is that similar cycle. Re-fueling the flame is a process of bringing the summer of your relationship to season, and if done properly,  extending the season.

The primary key to re-lighting that fire is effective communication. Which is something you knew already and have not been implementing thoroughly.  This type of communication has a way of not only figuring out the issues, but also finds solutions to those problems as a couple.

Fire starters

Role playing

Role playing is definitely a big help in re- fueling the flame in older relationships. Role playing allows for romantic fantasies that couples may have or fantasies that couples may have come up with together.

Change of environment

If you are used to having sex, crushing or making love in the same places, then it may be to your advantage to change up the environment. Whether you decide to spruce up the one that you are in or even going to a whole new place to enjoy one another is entirely up to you and it can onlybe beneficial to the desired outcome.

Setting romantic moods

Try new things



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