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cheating yourself

stop cheating yourself- FIIt’s bad enough that topic of infidelity is something that relationships tend to deal with on constant basis. When one person being unfaithful or cheating on their significant other, that is an issue all in itself, though when this is taken the step further, and a partner begins to cheat themselves, then that becomes a whole other issue. You may even find that you are a person of committing this act of self cheating and then again you may be totally oblivious to it. Those of you who knowingly commit this injustice to  yourselves should reserve the right to feel as guilty as someone who is caught red-handed in the act of cheating. There really is no difference. Stop cheating yourself. If you are oblivious to the fact that you are in fact cheating yourself, then the reason for that may be that you don’t understand the meaning in its entirety. Cheating yourself is as simple as turning down something or someone that you know can have a positive impact on you or in your life and turn it/them down for a reason you can’t find or just to be unhappy.

Stop cheating yourself

I have a friend that I converse with on a regular basis and she has become like a little sister to me. She and her guy have been together almost 3 years and then broke up. duration the time of the break-up may have been going on 5 month’s at the time when she called me to ask what she should do about getting back together with her man… knowing what her answer was at the time she asked because she went on to say how much she missed him, he is such a good dad, and all of this with tears in her eyes. I can’t tell that she means it and really would like for them continue their relationship. I asked her if she loves him and she says yes without having to think about it. The reason for them splitting was a word from a friend that her man was seeing someone else and without verification she reacts to the accusations and here they are. Well, I think you know what to do already… stop cheating yourself, for no reason. You get on the phone with your girl and all you speak of is him and what he may be doing- your cheating yourself knowing you want to be with him/her for that matter. You are on the phone with him pretending to be angry and when you get off of the phone, then you’re upset with yourself for being angry- stop cheating yourself. especially when you know this person is who you want and need to be with, put aside all of the extra distractions and work on the changes you want to see in the relationship. Stop letting pride and other people who don’t have your better interest at heart steer you down a road you really don’t want to be on.

instead treat yourself

Listen, Life is way too short for us to be holding grudges and being angry about thing we no control over and while under this undesirable emotion, we begin making choices that can adverse effect on us in the future. We have to learn to treat ourselves better and more often that way we feel good about ourselves and can better treat others. The more you cheat yourself the more it becomes a habit that you begin to accept as normal and therefore feel it normal to treat others the same way or cheat others the same way. We all know what we consider treats to ourselves and they may differ between each individual, but we have all defined it to some extent. Though the discussion is about cheating yourself. Here we go.

Treating yourself should be something you do or get use to doing on on a regular basis. there should be no holding back when it comes to treating yourself as long as hurting someone else to attain that is your thing. If you are denying yourself simple pleasures just for the sake of spiting someone else then you are the one losing in that senseless battle and that is where the cheat comes in.  when it comes to love, we have to learn submit to it, and sometimes the logical thing to think is not even the correct way to feel at all and we end up feeling cheated.

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