[Mature] The Grocery Girl gets it

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The Grocery Girl gets it

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It was a long winter for me. Mainly because of the fact that I was laid off from my job of 5 years due to the slow down in new home construction during that period.  I was fortunate enough to qualify for unemployment benefits. Although it helped a little with me paying a few bills here and there, I was actually getting frustrated and sickened by the fact that I was not able to fend for myself as I have been.

After about a couple months of being unemployed, and having a 8 month pregnant woman depending on me,  I decided to go out on a job hunt. Something totally different from what I had been doing for the past few years. I wanted a place where I could use my social skills and managerial experience a little more. So,  I began looking through the classified ads and randomly started calling companies that I would be interested in working. After a few dozen calls here and there to a few places, it seems I have been hit by reality because they were all claiming not to be hiring any convicted felons at the time. Meaning NEVER.

Moments before the feeling of defeat come over me, I decided that I would roll myself a joint, get it together and try for this seemingly futile mission again.  The effects of the marijuana had started taking effect because I found myself staring at a grocery store bag on the counter top, and at that moment is when I realized that this was a sign and one that I could not ignore.  I decided to go ahead and give them a call to seek some part-time employment.
I made a call to the nearest store in my vicinity and asked to speak to the hiring manager on duty.  After a few minutes of holding on, listening to the phones calming elevator music, he answers. “Hello, This is Larry Williams.  how can I help you this morning?” Immediately after he said his thing, I went on into mine. No clue as to where it came from “Good morning to you ” I said. “I hear you are looking for customer friendly, experienced stock clerks, with great attitudes.” I guess he could hear the sincerity in my voice and as much as I tried to conceal it, he could have heard the desperation in it as well. “Yes, We are, who are you? Do we have your application on file?  He asked.  I responded “yes” although I knew there wasn’t one. He puts me in a brief hold as he went to locate my information. When he returned to the phone, he sounded disappointed for not being able to find them. Though in a surprising twist, he asked for me to come in for an interview the following morning. I accepted.

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