[Mature] The liquor store link up

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Sect music - liquor store art work

The liquor store link up

It was a warm sunny Sunday morning on the Southside of town and it had looked like a Saturday afternoon.  The liquor store where he worked was located right in the heart of the South side plaza and it was a busy day.  The store has been busier than he and the store manager had anticipated.  He used a slow moment to go outside and smoke a cigarette.  As he inhaled, he began to think about a few issues he had been having with his ex-girlfriend. He started thinking about The last time he was intimate with her. It was two weeks ago and he remembered it clearly. He recalled the sexy lingerie that she wore. As he got deep into his thoughts,  he was interrupted by a car pulling into the parking space in front of where he stood. It was a couple of the stores regular customers. He spoke a cheerful good morning to them before taking the last drag of his cigarette.  He exhaled a full breath of smoke, threw the cigarette out and rushed into the store to serve his customers.  A few more customers came in as he was taking care of the ones in front of him and he tended to them as well. As he was headed outside again for another break, the drive-thru window bell goes off. “Hear we go” he pants, As he scurried to the microphone to take an order. “It’s going to be a long day” He says.

The girl who was scheduled to work this morning to help open the store was running behind a hour already, and it looked like she was going to be a little longer. She has had it rough lately making to work on time, and has been skating on thin ice because of other concerns the store manager Maddy has with her. “If she is not there by now, you need to fire her. ” she said and she mafe it clear. It was totally looking like he was going to have to call someone in from their day off to help out. In between running the counter and the drive-thru window,  he found a few minutes to make a few calls to bring in some reinforcement. The first few calls were useless and the last proved that where there is a will, there is a way.  His closing person agreed to come in early.  As he hung up the phone, the chime to the front door goes off. When he looks, it’s Anne, the morning help. “Good morning,  sorry I’m late” she said out of breath as she rushed behind the counter.

The rush continued in spurts but you could hardly tell that we were short handed.  Anne handled the drive-thru and He handled the front counter and managed to answer a few calls in between.  The last call was Maddy of which he has to put on hold for a few to take care of a customer.  When time allowed for him to answer the phone,  he did. “What’s up Maddy?” He answered “Yes, everything is going well and yes, she made it in.”  He looked at Anne with a look that concerned her and she quickly shied away from his blank stare. “Hold on Maddy,  let me take this in the office” he said as a matter of factly. He placed the call on hold and walked into the office. The office door closed behind him. Anne exhaled.

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