[Mixtape] Above Everything: Lonely at the top

Jul 03, 2011 by Amuss - 0 Comments

Lonely at the top

by: Above Everything

   An entire mixtape of Exclusive productions, conceptual balance, and well thought of lyrics, by musically talented artists is what you can expect from the obviously different Orlando Florida based Hiphop group known as Above Everything.
The mixtape’s most moving element lies on it’s marching band type tracks  produced by “the producers idol” Vello. As he is referred to by his label mates. Versatile lyrics that provoke thought, challenges common thinking, demanded the focus, and all in a smooth demeanor describes the chicago born Illy aka Mr Versatilty. Dirty dude brings the southern seasonings, the  detailing, and semi-consciousness to the group.  All working synergenically to raise them in their positions at the top… where it’s lonely
The mixtapes gives you a wide range of emotions and different environments on the listen.  Prepare to be energized from songs like “Purple Chick” and “Purp and Black”, count on being moved by “Watch the night go”, and expect Above Everything“.

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