[Mixtape] Color Codes Instrumentals

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[Mixtape] Color Codes Instrumentals mixtape

Color Codes Instrumentals mixtape

This is the Color Codes Instrumentals mixtape from the sect music entertainment label and the always creating and restless production team.  The mixtape is 7 tracks of original hip hop and unique instrumentals that you can’t get anywhere else.

Color Codes Instrumentals mixtape: track listing

Code Black / produced by Abdul Jabar

Code Black has the feel of a midnight ride, in a dark colored tinted car on a foggy night and you are in this zone that you can not shake with you is your best friend. Something mischievous seems to be waiting to happen, you can feel it in the cool wet air. The erie sounding melody on this track only adding more to already suspenseful moment and more reason to go on this mysterious ride.

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Code Red / produced by D.O.T.B.




Code Purple / produced by Abdul Jabar is a bit more cheerfully put together than the others on the compilation. This track puts you in the grab a pad and pen writing mood. If this track had a profession it would be that friend of the family who is a therapist or psychologist, as it one that you would feel comfortable spilling your guys and freeing your mind to. Place yourself on the couch,  lay back and let the track bring the struggle out.

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Code Green / produced by Dj Jahbarz




Code white / produced by D.O.T.B



Code Gold / produced by D.O.T.B




Code Blue / produced by Dj Jahbarz




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