[Mixtape] Resa Lynn: Not just anybody

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Not just anybody

Not just anybody album art
Resa Lynn

Not just Anybody is the follow-up EP to artist Resa Lynn’s freshman album, in which she held down the number one position on the reverbnation.com charts for approximately one year, with her single “Just believe”, produced by Abdul Jabar for sectmusic and entertainment.

The Album was recorded all with the intentions of being a voice for mentally, physically and verbally abused women who are in no position to speak for themselves. It was also a voice to the abusive male that women were tired of the abuse and were ready to take a stand against it on all levels.

Not just Anybody was the first single recorded for the project. Its impact on the soul made it the obvious route to follow to stay relevant to the concept and it later became the title of the entire album. It was apparently clear that Resa Lynn had truly found her comfort zone on this project and it showed throughout the entire album,  in her vocal confidence. Tracks like “Vera Karduchi” where she is more flaunting outside of herself and more expressive. “Ms.. bad newz ” where she takes a stand for women being called out of their names because she chooses not to show any interest in just any character.

Not just anybody is a message to women around the world that you are more than bodies or objects of lust. You are not a punching bag for an angry man or a doormat for an insecure one. It is to ensure them, that they can still trust despite the tribulations they’ve endured in the name of love. 

Check out a few of the tracks that she has appeared on below.

Resa Lynn photo shoot 

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