[Mixtape] SECT Music and Entertainments: Black Fist Movement Project

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SECT Music and Entertainments:
Black Fist Movement Project

by Hiphop Kollabahz
Kollabahz release of the BlackFist project sponsored by SECT Music and Entertainment.      The Black Fist Movement is Hiphop KOLLABAHZ

first official project schedule for release.  The Project primarily focuses
on the conscious awakening of our communities and the pursuit of the
actions necesary to ecxel as a unit.  The content of this project and the concept surrounding it is being compiled to inspire, motivate, solidify, encourage, educate and empower its listeners.

        Hiphop Kollabahz is comprised of Various Artists of many genres  from the KOLLABAHZ network community whose knowledge of politics, sociology, economics, religion, culture, and hunger for the truth and sharing it, is exemplified throught their artistry, painting  very detailed descriptions of atrocities, inequalities, and injustices that we tend to ignore as a  collective. therefore, rewarding the listener with being brought to speed on whats really going on and blinded, or distracted by frivolous entertainment.

    The compilation of this project is one that we have been carefully and strategically
choosing Kollabhz for and have been  very particular about material having relevant content to the total concept and will be listing the release date as tentative for the time being, due to the amount of submissions for the project, and all the considerations for use on the final cut. We will accept submissions for this project until we have selected the perfect 25 songs.

Track listing includes moving tracks like
“Ain’t No Trap Music” ” I See ” ” Synergy ”
” The Pressures On” ” Resolution ” and “Hold On”

upon completion of the track selections preview will be available on the kollabahz network community.  www.sectmusic.com/public_html/elgg/.  There you can listen and choose which tracks you would like to “KOLLAB” on.

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