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Altheafind out who we think have what it takes to be the SECT next  model and who may not be getting the recognition we feel they deserve. Perhaps the may not even realize that they themselves have what it takes and this may be the push or encouragement they’ve desired. Maybe you are a model. Well, we’d like to showcase your photo’s or portfolio as we are constantly meeting people who are searching for talent. submit it to us and lets see how we can help you move to the next level. You will only know if you try. submit now and let’s see you may be the next  kollabahz  model featured spotlight.


Well, after our strenuous voting process we have finally come to an agreement and have decided that Our featured Kollabahz Model of the month of October is none other than the beautiful miss…


[Model] Resa Lynn

Model: Resa Lynn Art of Love photo/video shoot   All from the natural poses to the innocent expressions. She does it like she was born to do it. If you ask her though, she'd have something totally different to say. Her humility adds more of a mystique to the photo friendly personality we have gotten to know as the pop vocalist Resa Lynn. Born in the state of Alaska under military parents she found herself as young child moving around until landing in the Central Florida area.  Orlando was where she became manager and investor for Hip-hop group After Effects which later led to a solo recording project where she topped the charts for her area for a year plus. Her song "Art of Love" is what gave us the opportunity to be apart of her video shoot, that also became a photo shoot. Since then she has formed ArDoJO foundation and management. The ...

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[Model] Bella Adams

  [Model] Bella Adams

who is Bella Adams?

Well,  You can never get too much of the beautiful things that the United States Virgin Islands has to offer to it's tourists. The scenery is great, the food is like no other, and the vibe, is yes, Irie.  It is no different with the women from the V.I.  When it comes to beauty, there are so many variations of beauty, that there is literally no mold.  It is often said that virgin island women have away of redefining what one once knew as beauty...well, it's you are about to witness that, first hand... meet,  Bella Adams.     

 Bella Adams: Mother, Model and Entrepreneur

All of this beauty, does in fact come with an immeasurable brains with it and an insurmountable amount of hustle.  yes the beautiful black, Bella Adams runs a couple of successful online businesses, a few store fronts in which she sells natural oils, soaps, ...

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[Interview] 20 plus Model Questions

20 plus Model Questions

Model interview: getting ready


Look over the questions

These questions were put together for the followers of the kollabah models to get a better understanding of them when they hear, read, or see it. After this, they would have absolutely grown a lot closer and would have learned so much more about them. The Questions will come in no specific order, and some of them may spark other impromptu ones. Just take a deep breath, take your time and answer.

What to wear

Being a model, it is more than recommended that you show up ready for a shoot. I would suggest even showing up with a couple of outfits, preferably three to be ready for a full shoot. You should wear something that you feel comfortable in. Something you feel like you can take on the world in. That seems to do a lot with the air of confidence that one may ...

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[Model] Amihsat Ekrub

Model: Amihsat Ekrub Impromtu photo shoot   The United states Virgin Islands is known for its beautiful, clear beaches, it's rich history, and of course, it's beautiful women.  Amihsat Ekrub happens to be one of the proud aforementioned natives.  Born on the Island of St. Croix  and later moving to the states, she has been no stranger to the camera, as she received her first opportunity in her early childhood years doing shoots for private advertising companies.  Since that time she had taken a break from the flashes and backdrops to spend time with her family, which she enjoys more than anything. Her re-emergence to the photography scene comes with great honor and at no better time to say the least.  In a time where models are mainly chosen,  judged, and or reveled solely on the appearance of their bodies, or how much body is exposed, and not for the capacity knowledge of which her ...

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Sect music - Kollabahz Model-photo

Do you have a modeling portfolio that you would like to see featured here? well, send it in and see what’s up!