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[Download] You still believe

You Believe in

You believe in: The song

the Abdul Jabar single "you still believe" was released in 2012. The track is produced by Dj Jahbarz for sect music entertainment. It is one of those tracks that allows you to see the more conscious and powerful side of Abdul Jabar. The overall feel of the song is that of the early 90's hip hop era and it's a timeless piece that can be appreciated in these days and times. The song will put you into a thinking mindset and you will easily agree that this song is definitely a point for hip hop and the state that it's in.

You believe in: The concept

The concept stems off of one of the ideas that Abdul Jabar hold on to. These are a few of the paradigms that are the foundation of S.E.C.T. music and entertainment.   That idea basically says that as long as there ...

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[Download] Over Everything

"Over Everything" Remix feat. Paperchaser

The 2006 recording of the "money over everything" single became a hit worth mentioning on the popular's website and launched Abdul Jabar up the charts, to number one to be exact, Orlando Florida in the category of Hip-hop.  The track made such an impact that he decided to revisit the song, in which he was not to happy about due to the fact that it was a rough copy that was leaked and he thought could be better, He called in some reinforcements, and dropped a remix of the song. The new version of the song is called "over everything" and now features nephew Paperchaser. Although the song is recorded with the same lyrics, the intensity of it rose,  giving "Over everything"a totally different feel.  

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[Download] Put you up on it | Abdul Jabar

Put you up on it | Abdul Jabar

Put you up on it: The concept

The idea of this song is to kind of raise the standards for young women and all women for that matter,  to demand more from who they are dating and perhaps they can teach the same ethics,  standards, or morals to their born or unborn children. At the same time let them know that there are guys out there who can still satisfy a woman in ways other than just sex. Men who can stimulate her through intellectual conversations,  and men who still treat women with respect.  The song also challeges, or in fact,  it raises the status quo,  As the chorus suggest, for men to step it up. Men need to be reminded that there are guys out there who will give her that royal treatment and without false pretences The song depicts the artist as the raised ...

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[Download] All legal feat. Paperchaser | Jay Savage

All legal feat. Paperchaser and Jay Savage All legal is the 2014 single recorded by the sect music entertainment artist Abdul Jabar and also features Paperchaser and Jay Savage on thos track. It is actually the first of many to come later that the three had collaborated on. The song, which almost wasn't a song, was intended for sale in the sect music entertainment beatstore after it's production. After a couple of listening sessions with a few hungry artists, the development of the chorus came shining through.

All legal: The concept

The concept of "All legal" is one that every hustler can relate to. It deals with getting all of the things that the game offers except for the burden of constantly looking over your shoulders because it is all being acquired in a legal manner.

All legal: Production

The track's production has a hypnotic type of hip hop track with a melody that in ...

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[Download] What they say feat. Paperchaser | Jay Savage

What they say feat. Paperchaser | Jay Savage "What they say"  is the single recorded by Abdul Jabar for sectmusic and features his young nephew Paperchaser and cousin Jay Savage. The track was produced by Dj Jahbarz for sectmusic entertainment.  

What they say: The concept

The concept of the single spins around the idea that nothing that any one says about you should stop you from doing what it is that you are supposed to be doing. In fact, the fact that you have people talking about you, should really be a motivating factor and not a thing to be thrown off about. In everything that you do, you should expect some sort of adversity or certain groups of people going against the grain for many reasons whatsoever. You should actually be honored to have opposition or contrasting opinions because it allows you to see or observe things that you would not ordinarily consider ...

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[Download] I just might

Download the vello produced track "I just might"  performed by sect music artist Abdul Jabar. The hip hop verses on the trap type beat combination compliments one another and does well for the overall production of the song. As with a vast majority of the songs recorded by Abdul Jabar " I just might " carries you on a journey. His conceptual choices make it easier to relate to it. When I received the track via email from Vello, I already knew what i wanted to do it. It's like she spoke to me Hearing the instrumental version to I just might would have taken 85% of rappers in a totally different direction than the one chosen here on the track delivered by Abdul Jabar. The chorus, the Verses, all original and all with a hint of commercial appeal. more music downloads

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[Download] Goodbye

Goodbye: the single


Here is your opportunity to Download the Abdul Jabar single entitled "Goodbye". Produced by Dj.Jahbarz for sectmusic. It will only be available for a limited time at no cost. Yes free! Until we figur out how to configure the website to do different.

Goodbye: the concept

The concept of goodbye Is pretty much self explanatory. There is a complete write up of the single goodbye on the link below. Read more about "Goodbye"

Goodbye: The production

The link above gives all of the information pertaining to the single goodbye. Check out what others are saying about "Goodbye"

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[Download] Ape Shit feat. Paperchaser|Jay Savage

[Download] Ape Shit feat. Paperchaser|Jay Savage

Ape Shit feat. Paperchaser|Jay Savage
Artist: Jay Savage, Abdul Jabar, Paperchaser Released 2013

The concept: Ape shit

Ape shit is the musical warning to wack MC's from the sectmusic affiliates. In case there was any doubt about the versatility of the artists on this track, they all reveal a dark side that we haven't heard much of in recent compilations prior to this track. Ape shit taunts at some local mediocre MC's, outright warning them not to provoke any battles, confrontations, or otherwise with artists with the potential to take things up a notch. Pretty much going from 0 to 100 quick like. They would get the opportunity to witness artist with the gift to change the world as we know it switch to being faceless individuals on guerilla type warfare.

Production: Ape shit

The production of the track was made with stimulating aggressive actions in mind. Certain instruments chosen for specific purposes and the hook, well, ...

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[Download] On top of me

On top of me

On top of me

The sexually driven hip hop track performed by Abdul Jabar for sectmusic and produced by Dj Jahbarz for sectmusic entertainment is now available for exclusive download right here on www.sectmusic com. This track makes for a good club or house party song.

On top of me: the concept

The concept of "On Top of Me" comes from a guy who is going to visit his new friend girl and upon getting to her house becomes persistent about doing sexually freaky things to her that he normally would not. Knowing that many of us have a certain type of person that brings out the best in us For whatever reason. Whether it be physically, mentally or emotionally and in that, we feel an obligation to bring it out of them as well. In this song, it just happens to be physically.

On top of me: the production

Production of the ...

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