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[Poetry] The Nameless Perfection

THE NAMELESS PERFECTION Flawless is her beauty Her perfect smile is contagious and her mesmerizing eyes are addictive This Nameless Perfection has the glow of all glows Her presence is radiant and stifling As she draws near, I gasp in anticipation of the moment when our eyes will finally meet She glances towards me because she senses my interest and curiosity Then it happens…our souls connect and the story begins We have loved and thought about one another every day of our lives But fate would not allow us to share our love until now We both experienced dreams in search of that special someone we could never find The Nameless Perfection in search of me, Mr. Right, who doesn’t exist And I, Mr. Right, in search of the Nameless Perfection whom I seek, still This is not a happy or sad story, but a story of possibility That this is the moment of truth when their hearts will become one The possibility of true ...

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[Blog] Keep your hands off of her

  Keep your hands off of her. Well, I guess that you have probably been misled by the absence of the many male figures whom she belongs to that are not around her at the present moment,  That you could talk to her in the most disrespectful of ways. While degrading her with your insults, being belligerent, screaming and yelling those hurtful things to make her break down and cry. Tearing down her self-esteem with your every word on a daily basis and even worse, allowing others to do the same to her. Perhaps, you were under the impression that she was or is not being watched over or protected by these above mentioned male figures who are currently not in her presence and it made you feel like you could get away with pushing her, punching her, and even going so far as kicking her, because of whatever insecurities that you possess ...

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[Poetry] God for us all

God for us all! Abdul Jabar Strength!, to all of you to carry out your purposes. respect to all of you, that made someone realize theirs. for those who sacrifice for any the same as they would for self, a place be kept in the hearts of them for you when they ascend. peace to those who war against self, for the betterment of self. clarity for those to see the oppressor may be self. that you may be your own hell... well may the victor be one who deserves the breath. love for those who breathe as we may the feel the same as we courageous in the journey towards unity. wisdom through understanding for those who go abroad One Life, One Love and God for us all!

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[Poetry] Family Pain

Family Pain by Angela Stein Why do family lie? Why do family fight? We suppose to be there for each other. Family is suppose to be tight. I don't get phone calls nor text messages from y'all. Something just don't seem right. Family pain is the worse pain. The pain that make your heart not feel the same. It really hurts when your own family don't remember your name. Your heart is breaking fast, the pieces falling from it can't be tamed. Makes you want to break down and cry when you hear your family talk about you being the family shame. Why do family lie? Why do family fight? We suppose to be there for each other. Family is suppose to be tight. Family will hurt you the worst than anybody.' I guess that saying is right.

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[Poetry] Casualty of War

CASUALTY OF WAR I don’t think I’ll make it out alive this time The odds have always been against me in battle This time around something is different I’m out of tune with my surroundings and there’s a sense of defeat For the first time I feel like I’m out of my element As the battle ensues I feel myself getting closer to God The onslaught of bullets and explosions is too much to bare Round after round of hatred, racism, and death whiz by my head, but fail to penetrate it The earth rumbles from the barrage of tanks firing massive shells of depression The enemy is on the verge of destroying me So I hold fast and take cover The 23rd Psalm begins to roll off my tongue The blasts and shrieks of verbal artillery get closer & closer Suddenly I hear a voice tell me to hold your ground…No surrender, No retreat The Warrior’s spirit is still very much alive in me As ...

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