[Poetry] Casualty of War

Mar 05, 2016 by Amuss - 0 Comments


I don’t think I’ll make it out alive this time
The odds have always been against me in battle
This time around something is different
I’m out of tune with my surroundings and there’s a sense of defeat
For the first time I feel like I’m out of my element
As the battle ensues I feel myself getting closer to God
The onslaught of bullets and explosions is too much to bare
Round after round of hatred, racism, and death whiz by my head, but fail to penetrate it
The earth rumbles from the barrage of tanks firing massive shells of depression
The enemy is on the verge of destroying me
So I hold fast and take cover
The 23rd Psalm begins to roll off my tongue
The blasts and shrieks of verbal artillery get closer & closer
Suddenly I hear a voice tell me to hold your ground…No surrender, No retreat
The Warrior’s spirit is still very much alive in me
As a soldier I must defend and protect at all costs
So I gather myself and prepare for one last stand
My body goes numb and everything becomes a blur
I focus all my energy then I charge
As I take my first step towards victory I lose consciousness
Is it too late? Have I failed? Is the war over? Have I died?
Finally I come to and open my eyes and look across the battlefield
I conjure up enough strength to stand on my feet again
To my surprise I’m still alive and breathing as I glance into a mirror
Say it isn’t so…Am I my own worst enemy
It all makes sense now…
All these years I’ve been at war with myself
Once upon a time I used to be somebody
Now I can’t tell you who I am or what I’ve become
This feeling of frustration and disappointment is to no end
It’s like a disease eating me away from the outside in
Fate and Destiny were never a part of my make up
I have settled for an existence with no purpose
My battle is far from over and I must continue to fight
The War of Man will be a struggle to the end
A soldier’s work is never done

© Copyright, 2012 by Charles Morris Miller, II

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