[Poetry] The Nameless Perfection

Mar 05, 2016 by Amuss - 0 Comments


Flawless is her beauty
Her perfect smile is contagious and her mesmerizing eyes are addictive
This Nameless Perfection has the glow of all glows
Her presence is radiant and stifling
As she draws near, I gasp in anticipation of the moment when our eyes will finally meet
She glances towards me because she senses my interest and curiosity
Then it happens…our souls connect and the story begins

We have loved and thought about one another every day of our lives
But fate would not allow us to share our love until now
We both experienced dreams in search of that special someone we could never find
The Nameless Perfection in search of me, Mr. Right, who doesn’t exist
And I, Mr. Right, in search of the Nameless Perfection whom I seek, still

This is not a happy or sad story, but a story of possibility
That this is the moment of truth when their hearts will become one
The possibility of true love
Mr. Right seizes the moment, but the Nameless Perfection’s story is yet to be told
Mr. Right has finally materialized before you
Am I the vision that your heart and dreams speak of?
Nameless Perfection, what will you do?

© Copyright, 2012 by Charles Morris Miller, II

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