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Feb 15, 2016 by Amuss - 0 Comments
Searching for Shawn Carter

IMAG1833_1[1]To be honest with you, It’s been a while since I have been taken aback by an artist before I had a chance to listen to their music. need less to say, that was not the case with Passione Johnson better known by her MC moniker Superstar Pash. From a mile away you can already sense her deeply rooted sense of hip-hop. All from her hip hop terminology, the hip hop demeanor, and the attire to tie it all in, Superstar Pash is definitely about what she does.

 “buy my cd from me brother…these females ain’t f_ckin’ with me, “she says”,  “I rap, sing, produce my own music, what’s up? support a sister”.

she continues. I was sold from the jump. After committing to the sale I realized I wasn’t carrying any cash, so what does the superstar do? As any entrepreneur would,  She whips out her square card reader and informed me that she accepted visa, master card and others. overly impressed at this point.

The 16 song Album is executive produced by Superstar Pash which also features productions from producers like Jane Blaze, Lansing Santana, Kila Smuv and more. The production of the album gives you that late night hip-hop feel that is much times related to the new york sound.  the superstar is accompanied by a team of superstar features such as “Good Luck” with Roza Fox, Raffinae on “Lust”, Rufus Blaq features on “To the Top, Ysrayl on “No Limits”  and a few more which all compliment the project quite well.

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