[Sect Kitchen] Community Cook Out: How we do fish soup

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Community Cook Out: How we do fish soup.

For the past few months we had been talking about putting together this great big pot of fish soup in which we never got to do because of this or that. So this time we decided to not only talk about it, but to carry it out as well. As you can see from the image above, there was at least a finished product to serve. I might I add, that it was a spicy delight.

The fish came in around 7 am in the morning through a very good friend. When he brought if to me I was amazed as to how huge it was. The name of the fish was a Snook.  As it came to us 2 things came to mind on how to prepare it at first. I’m guessing since everyone has been drinking, the vote was on grilling it, but when you’re out of charcoal and have to borrow a grill, fish soup ofen called (man soup) was the best thing going.

[Sect Kitchen] Community Cook Out: Fish Soup Ingredients for this one.

Main thing here is obviously the fish. You can Feel free to add different types of seafood such as shrimps, clams, scallops, crabs, octopus and so forth to your dish to make it meatier.  We stuck with just the fresh snook. We went crazy with pumpkins, cassavas, white and sweet potatoes, green bananas, plantains, plus big chunky pieces of homemade dumplings. There was green, yellow and red mini peppers for that spicy kick. There was also yellow onions, leeks, celery, and of course,  the secret blend of seasoning salts… Lawrys.

[SECT Kitchen] Community Cook Out: Fish Soup outcome.

The Fish (Man soup) turned out to be a lot better than what we originally expected it to be. It was barely enough for everyone to eat because those that participated in the preparation of the meal insisted on having seconds and giving out samples before the meal was completed.  Even with all that, we definitely had a hit with this one.

[SECT Kitchen] Community Cook Out: Fish Soup (Video preview)


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