[SECT] Send Every Child Teachers

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Send Every Child Teachers     We have all heard of the terms “mama’s boy” and “daddy’s girl” haven’t we? We hear it all the time from single mothers and mothers who may have the child’s father around alike. We’ve even heard it from the proud fathers around the world. The boys tend to be thrown off on the mother to raise, and the father inherits the girl. Although they really do make the cutest two word slogans for baby clothes and bibs, is there an underlying reason for these seemingly harmless sayings? …how and why exactly did they come about? and is anyone taken into consideration the negative effects that it has caused on the young men and women of our generation?
I hope to show through this article how detrimental

these phrases can be to us a nation and maybe address different ways in which we can offset their outcome. As difficult a task as it may be, considering we have practiced the actions surrounding these terms for hundreds of years if not more.
There are plenty of mothers who believe in their hearts that they can raise boys and men who probably believe the same about girls bit the harsh reality of it all is that it can not be done efficiently. Ladies, I know, you have a son that you took care of and he’s graduated and doing well. Truth of the matter is you have only maintained him. Fellas, the same applies to you respectively.
Boys need Men to teach them to be independent, strong, and structured young men and without saying, girls need Women to be caring, smart, and inter-dependent young women.
Now, May I explain the reasoning behind this thought. It was believed a long time ago by this guy named William Lynch in what he called the “breaking of a slave”. that reversing the gender roles could be attained
by instilling fear in the mother/woman in the presence of other women by torturing and then brutally killing the father/Men in their presence. The fear of such atrocity be performed on her child makes the mother more protective of her boy child(ren) and then treats the girl children more like the boy should be, the independent “go getter”… after continued observance of such practice the boys, over time tend to show more feminine qualities than need be and the girls more masculine. Hence the term reversing the role.

…to be continued

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