[SECT] Silence Extricates Conscious Thoughts

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SECT_silence extricates conscious thoughts

seclusion in silence extricates conscious thoughts.


In time, the pursuit of all that we know is out there, will interfere with the main reason that we are here in the first place. I cannot begin to stress enough the point, that the more often we are caught up in the possession and/or collection of worldly things, the more easily we are turned away from our true intended purpose on this plane. If you try to imagine for a second or two, a voice that is effectively guiding you out of a dark place. That is until a second, and then a third voice begin to speak at the same time with the same intentions. Sure, you may recognize the first voice, then what happens when that voice is drowned out by a fourth, fifth, and sixth voice which can be heard more clearly. The point of the matter is, the more voices that there are to hear, the more difficult it becomes to hear the right one effectively. I believe the same holds true in our journey through this life. Our main purpose is to serve our “God”. More times out of the day than any. But being that we have perpetuated a society that feeds off of our basic inclination to survive, we have found ourselves in a position that requires much more of our time than necessary, this game of survival. As people we should not be faced with a decision between serving our purpose as opposed to working to stay alive.

Though a disconnection to that which keeps our faith strong would only be to the benefit of those who wish to work against our true purpose.

No silence, No conscious thoughts to extricate. silence extricates or frees the thoughts of your consciousness.

Due to the length of time that we have participated in this cycle, our dependency on it has become detrimental to our very existence. I do not present this problem without a solution, which can only come through the knowing of the importance of silence. Our brains do remarkable things when it can think and focus on the task, project, or LIFE at hand. Things are clearer to the mind and easier processed when it is placed in an environment to do so. A common example, even with its seemingly minute connection, to one of the importance of silence is this. Everyone has had a moment or two when you are in conversation with someone and during the course of, you are forced to remember a name of a song (for example) and you’re stumped. You know the answer and it is sitting there on the tip of your tongue but you just can’t get it out. Then the moment you are alone, or you have entered a more relaxed environment, then it hits you moments later, the name of the song.

Now, silence can be better explained with a more familiar term, which describes a very important part of many religious institutions. The more often that this event is performed, the more connected the subject becomes to his/her self. The act of which I am referring is called “prayer” (salaat or meditation) depending on belief. Though named differently, the silence required for these acts are essential components for the connectivity with the higher self.

silence extricates conscious thoughts

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