[Single] It’s going down- Loko|trakkcaine

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[Single] It’s going down- Loko feat. Jahanna & Double S

It's going down temp art. Sect music

It’s going down

This single release by Loko (trakkcaine productions) features a couple of new talents and a production that compliments the track well. It’s going down is a energy building piece of work and is sure to get you moving no matter where you may find yourself.

It’s going down concept

Imagine walking into a party and the atmosphere is not not really one to party to and you’re trying to have a good time despite that, When a group of people walk in and the whole environment changes… The setting goes from like a library function to a full fledge frat/sorrority bash. It’s going down is next level party music for those who don’t dance.

It’s going down production

The production is quite different from what you are use to hearing. It’s unique sound puts it in a class of its own. ┬áLoko’s use of foreign sounds, manipulation of melodies, and quite compelling bass line makes it’s going down a very good listen.

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