[song] my flesh and my bones

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my flesh and my bones


My flesh and my bones

We are currently in production of the new track “my flesh and my bones“.  When the pre-production version of the beat was completed, it gave us a familiar feel as it relates to an era of hip-hop, the 90’s era. The artists who were around at the time were taken on a trip through time and space and it shows in the delivery. The hook came out and we all were on agreement that it was it. It was powerful, it was humble, there was an element of heroics that made it absolutely ready for a spot on the new project.  Flesh of my flesh, as it was originally called, is considered a personal label classic, though she hasn’t been completed.

my flesh and my bones: the concept

The concept came from a conversation with a religious leader of whom we were given an opportunity to inter-religious witness with. In that reasoning session there was a lot discussed and a lot left unanswered. We could have taken it in a few other directions, and when speaking of spirituality the options are literally thousands. During the course of the discussion a few comments were made that lingered long after the discussion was over. This is pretty much what launched the idea for the track. The main thing to grasp here is the fact that we do not know who is right when it comes to belief in religion, so it is unfair to condemn them if they believe different than you. We learn what we learn as we experience life and we live by what we believe. If this belief is proving to be fruitful in your life and it is not harming anyone while you practice it, then to you your own, and to me be mine. The hook or chorus of the song goes on to explain that if what I believe is wrong by our God, then show some mercy to my seeds, my children… or, the flesh of my flesh and my bones.


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