[Song] Release of the new single Goodbye

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The story behind Goodbye

goodbye album art

On April 7 2016 the release of the latest single from sect music and entertainments Abdul Jabar entitled “goodbye” is set for release. The song has been ready for months heading into the release date but the artist was adamant about releasing it on this day. According to some ¬†sources the song was written at a bad time for the artist. The day in which he lost his father. “goodbye” is told to us by a spokesperson for the artist, was written in memory of his father, at least one verse of the song is and the other about a relationship gone bad and in the course of that bad relationship comes the separation from another loved one, in which the third verse is the subject.

The song was originally suppose to feature R&B songstress Arika Lang, though circumstances with the songstress and her personal life left the artist to perform the song solo and with no bad vibes and certainly no regrets. The song inherited more of a personal connection and a more “SECT” feeling in doing so. You can actually feel what was being felt at the time of the recording. Heartfelt.

Production of Goodbye

Video production for this goodbye project is also in the works. The majority of the video is said to be shot in the Osceola county area where his father is buried. Currently¬†the search for a video producer that can capture the essence of the song is the main priority with this project. Once released the song and the video will be available here at the Sect Beatstore. “Goodbye” was produced by Dj Jahbarz for sectmusic.


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Ms.reality February 25th, 2016

Abdul u r a great artist and producer keep it going

Amuss September 10th, 2016


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