[Mature] The House Call

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The House Call

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The long drive on the interstate came to a near end when the annoying voice of the navigation spoke her final steps of directions. I pulled off of the highway and stopped at the nearest service station in search of the restroom relieve myself as well as to purchase a few necessities. We had joked around on the phone for the last 3 months or so about making a house call to quench her of this sexual thirst she had been experiencing for a over a year, We’ve made plans prior, that had all fallen through due to whatever reasons, have had to settle for video chats and such to communicate, and now finally that time has arrived.  The moment of truth.

She answered the phone in a different tone than her usual tone, this tone was one of anxiety as if knowing the distance between us was closer. Her breathing was heightened, and more apparent than before and I enjoyed it. Calling to inform her that I was near, instantly became an audible foreplay. Back and forth we went with near vulgar innuendos of lust, She giggled genuinely and opened up comfortably about her intimate expectations. I clearly expressed my “Limits” , my likes, what’s to be expected and so forth, and then, Quietly we sat on the phone until I arrived in the driveway to her home.

Prior to this moment, I had only had the half-pleasure of seeing her,  parts at a time,  never a full eye view of the beautiful structure she was, the wait was well worth it. She stood there leaning against the column of the house wearing a short, nicely fitted mini skirt with a near raunchy split and a spaghetti strapped top. Her body glistened from oil of some sort and she smiled from the moment our eyes made four.

I exited the vehicle and walked towards her as she walked in my direction, both anticipating a long awaited embrace. She held me tightly, I could feel that it was comforting to her and in knowing that it aroused me. The longer we held each other the more aroused I became and she would not let go.  At that point it’s like she was using me as a puppet, every part of my body she touched provoked me into touching her, soft, deep caresses, that facilitated breathy moans after breathy moans. It was clear that she was comfortable and uninhibited.  She reached for my crotch and started massaging my member, near aggressive, but passionate to say the least. Hungrily!  Through my jeans I stiffened with each motion of her possessed hand, stiff to the point of near explosion. She was working her magic and her intentions were spoken with each of her actions. I find myself gripping on her behind, in a different way than a few seconds prior, I am now exploring every curve, searching for her pleasure spots, and observing the reactions.

The energy was astounding I could feel it pulling us indoors. We decided not to resist the energy  and allow it to do to us as it wanted.  I guess it pulled us backwards towards the columns where she was standing when I drove in.  These columns stood on a 2 and a half to 3 foot base with enough of an edge for her to sit on as we backed up against it. Her hand going into my jeans as the other guides my hand, under her skirt to meet her clean shaven flesh beneath.


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