[Travel] Fredericksted, St. Croix USVI

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Fredericksted, St. Croix USVI

This journey to St Croix United States Virgin Islands was one that we decided to make a personally historic one. Being that we spent a Lot of our childhood days there.

In this trip we visited family and friends and all of the places where we lived in the past. That being said,  Fredericksted on the west side of the island is where we spent most of our time. 

Starting off from Smithfield,  we made our way to the beach to do some spiritual cleansing, sight seeing,  swimming and without a doubt,  relax.

During the week that we spent there, it wa hard not to notice the character of the buildings that remained standing after the numerous hits that they’ve tken from the hurricanes of the last 20 years.

We were able to visit a few of the local restaurants in the island to get a taste of some carribean cuisines.  All while being driven around and getting refamiliarized to the island.

The Beach…

The Beaches of St Croix United States Virgin Islands are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world to be seen. You can literally swim out 30 yards and still see your feet just as clear as day.  Just as I remember as a child.

We met with local Joe Kyer to guide is through the cleansing procedure during a 45 minute conversation about the power we posess as black islanders.

The fort

We were so pumped after our swim and cleanse that waiting for transportation from the beach was out of the question as it was a short walk from where we were to the Fort.

The fort is filled with a very rich history of the island of St. Croix and a lot of that history is surrounded behind 4 queens and General Buddhoe whose statue sits in the center of the courtyard.

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