[Travel] Grand Cayman

Dec 09, 2016 by Amuss - 0 Comments
A day on the Grand Cayman.

The day on the Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, is one worth remembering. The day started out around 11 am and our first stop was “Margaritaville”. We all enjoyed cocktails and appetizers along with some great island music that made it difficult to not get up and dance. The crowd was a very festive one and they all showed their festive sides as they hooped and hollered the whole time enjoying the environment.  We went to a local restaurant where they served seafood as well as many of the islands local dishes and indulged in some nicely seasoned local fish under the shade of the town center structure. One that halfway resembled Stonehenge in a way.  

At around 3pm decided that walking around the island was a little tiring and ended up on the island tours can full and tipsy.

Swimming with stingrays.

So,  we are on this sandbar in the middle of the ocean and we are all really excited about being out there even though we knew we would be swimming with the same species of sea life that killed the crocodile hunter.  The water was clear enough to what was going on. The sand was the color of cream of wheat which made it all the easier to see the creatures in discussion. They were humongous. About the size of compact car good was the largest that I saw. There had to be about 20 or 30 of them wandering around at any given moment. I got really difficult to enjoy the sight of the beautiful sand.  Then out of nowhere tells the guide…  “Make sure that you do not step in any of them, please for your own safety.”


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