[Travel] Ocho Rios, Jamaica

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Ocho Rios, Jamaica


Dunn’ s  River Rapids

This place is a water park like no other. The raging river rapids is an adventure that you would never forget.  The combination of adventure, danger, and excitement makes you forget that you are actually in a park. The rocks are sharp and slippery, the water warm and inviting, and the people were out of this world friendly. Not to mention they have little bars set up along the entrance of the attraction and needless to say I was intoxicated and half ready for the excursion.  Hand in hand, in male- female order from the bottom of the rapids and all the way to the top where you celebrated with your partners, took pictures and enjoy the rest of the scene that they had to offer.

Play music with the locals

One thing that Jamaica is known for is it’s music. Reggae music has been a comfort for many people and if many different races.  I myself was given the honor of playing alongside some of the locals.

sectmusic.com Ocho Rios, Jamaica sectmusic.com Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Their instruments all appeared to be handmade and/or modified in some way. The more memorable of them all was the instrument in which their bass sound came from.  It was a wooden square box, with a hole cut in center of one side similar to that of a guitar. Right over the hole, there was a metal tab that went 3/4 Of the way over the hole. When this tab was strummed, it would vibrate from inside of the box out and create the deepest, rolling bass sound, that you’ve ever heard. One that you would instantly want duplicated on a digital workstation.

I gave it a shot, and with the given amount of time I had, I’d have to say I would not have made the band. Though I think I did a good job with the shakers and hyping up the little crowd.

A needed  ride up the mountain

The trip to Jamaica would not have been worth it if we made it there and not get any of that good legendary marijuana that they have.  So the best thing for us to do, being that we knew no one, was to ask of the tour guide to take us where the good good was. The driver was down like 4 flat tires.  We were on our way.

sectmusic.com Ocho Rios, Jamaica

We took a long winding trip up to the top of the same mountain in which they filmed the movie “cool runnings”. But of course, there was no snow. In fact, it was as hot as it could probably be without being illegal. Once we made it to the designated location, it was hard not to be taken aback by the beautiful scenery. There were gorgeous ferns of different types all over.

The driver went ahead to retrieve the much needed goods. While he was away we stepped out of the taxi to absorb the environment. All of the locals that were around had all eyes locked unto us.  Although I took it upon myself to dress down as much as I could, the 5 women that were with me found that hard to do. They ‘ll dressed as if they were celebs. It almost got uncomfortable until one of the on- lookers greeted us from a distance which eased the discomfort. We were all asking and answering questions from our new acquaintances.



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