[Mature] turnpike thumpin

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“Turnpike Thumpin”

Turnpike ThumpinThere we were searching for a place to physically express how we felt for one another. From five star hotels to sleazy motels, we had pretty much tried them all, but to a disappointing end. “Maybe this wasn’t meant for tonight” she chuckled. For the last few days this had been our luck. Either there were no vacancies, or prices were way too high to be legal. We just knew that tonight would be the night to get our mature thing going. The moment I picked her up from her place, She could barely keep her hands to herself and I was in bliss. The energy and anticipation had grown so high between us only to be let down by this inconvenience.  There was an awkward silence that pretty much confirmed between the two of us,  that we would call it a night and try it again when the stars and galaxies aligned. We were a hour and a half away from the downtown area where she lived and being aroused and not relieved, leaves one quite thirsty. We stopped along the way to a gas station to get drinks, snacks, cigars for the ride back and stretch or what have you.  As she got out of the truck  to enter the store, I lagged behind to admire her petite physique. Took me back to the day when I met her.I remember like it was a week ago, because it was.  I was standing in this ridiculously long line at the general store and found myself staring at the screen of my phone waiting for a reply as I killed some time. The front door slides open and a group of four women walk into the store and greeting another who was standing one person in front of me! It wasn’t until the guy in front of me, that separated us, grew impatient and walk out of the line that I noticed her. ” Yes, I want her”  I thought to myself. At quick glance, I was immediately hooked on her feminine petite frame, her dangerous curves,  and the handful of breasts that were half exposed from her sports bra which matched the yoga pants she filled out perfectly.  “mm-hmm” I mumbled,  Admiring the presence of the woman I had the pleasure of standing behind in this long line.  She turns around casually s if to see who the mumbling was directed to and then back to her thing.  Phone goes off and it’s the call I was waiting for and I answer it. During my brief conversation, the line is moving steadily. “This is more like it” she says, resting her things on the counter. “May I have two packs of white hawks please”… she asked of the sales associate. At that moment is when I knew what my chances were, and they were good. “Make that four” I said. She turned around to look at me, making great emphasis on her acceptance with the eyebrow raising, and with a chuckle she says “I could have guessed”.  “Hmm,  are you new here?” she asked. “No,” I replied. “Actually in the process of moving out.” Almost sensing some sort of disappointment in her demeanor,  I added. “though not far”. She paid for her items, gathered them and as she was walking out of the door she retorts, “maybe I’ll see you around then.”  On a mission to make that statement a fact I dropped the money on the counter left the change and receipt and hurried out of the door behind her. I just happen to catch her as she was reversing out of the parking space, or perhaps she waited to see if I would pursue because as I threw my hands up in an attempt to get her attention, and with great results because she stopped instantly. I asked for her phone number and she reached for my phone. After plugging in her contact information she says ” It’s Shenita, call me.” and  then sped off  out of the parking lot as if she was in a rush or not wanting me to say a word. Maybe she thought it was sexy, or something. I definitely knew it was.


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