[Video] Ain’t putting in | Jon jon feat. Abdul Jabar

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Ain’t putting in | Jon jon feat. Abdul Jabar

SECT music- Jon jon- ain't putting in

Ain’t putting in: The video

Sanford Florida’s own Jon-jon on one of the hottest tracks that summer. Features Abdul Jabar for sectmusic and produced by the young producers idol Vello. Appearances by School boy Ainzy and KoeMan.

We decided to do a video for that track because it was hot… So we drove out to Apopka Florida where Jon jon resided at the time, and we got it in.

Shooting the video was a wild event for everyone there because the whole thing was shot off of two phones. We shot a couple of scenes with the one phone, while the other phone was positioned somewhere else and kinda picked the best shots from each phone during the edit. It was crazy. Especially when it came to the lighting. There was barely enough light to do anything much less having an adequate amount for Abdul Jabar. Lucky for the guys that knew what they were doing, did just that and made it work.

Ain’t putting in: The concept

The song is really centered around the hook. The hook pretty much tells howyou have friends when everything is going well, they’ll eat with you, drink and smoke with you, and most not even contributing anything.  They will be cool around you when need be, pretending to be friends,  when really they’re enemies.

Check out the Video.


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