[Video] Look down on em | Above Everything

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Look down on em|Above Everything

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Look down on em|Above Everything: The video

The video for this joint was shot in Orlando Florida on the east side. Collectively the artists all knew that from the title of the song, “Look down on em”, that they had to position themselves high  enough above the horizon and have the camera as low as possible as to not lose any footage.  There were a few moments of laughter during the shoot as the artists were trying to get themselves in and off of the roof.

The camera used in this project was actually a Mac book pro webcam that the director thought would be a good idea, so long as there was great editing done I’m the footage.

Look down on em|Above Everything: The concept

The songs concept is basically,  that everywhere you go, or no matter what you do, you at going to find yourself in the tongues of many people who are angry, upset, or jealous about your rise to the top or maybe feel a type of way because of some disappointment in their lives. It is saying that if you are on your grind, then expect for the pessimists to pop up.


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