[Video] Mister mister | Abdul Jabar

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Mister mister | Abdul Jabar

Sect music- mister mister video promo

Mister mister: The Video

The Video for “Mister mister” performed by Abdul Jabar for sect music and entertainment is another one of those videos that we have self produced and directed for our ourselves. The shooting for this one involved a couple of laptops and a smartphone. It was all shot in 3 different areas aound the condominiums that I stayed in or around the neighborhood nearby. ┬áThis one was shot about 5 to 6 years ago. It is a throwback joint with the same overtones as the Blackfist movement project.

Mister mister: The concept

The concept is more or less taking a jab at all of the mistreatment and injustices against blacks and non-whites and pretty much saying that we are tired of being called “niggahz”. Shots are being taken against all groups who are participating in these destructive events against blacks. Including those who holds the office of the President, the mayor, police officers, young suburban kids and more.

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