[Video] picking out a switch

Mar 24, 2016 by Amuss - 1 Comment

switches and switch picking.

If you are over the age of 36 you are very familiar with what a switch is. That is the last set of offspring coming from parents who exercise the discipline of their children with the use of it. Now the rest of you, will know by the end of this post.

What a switch is…

a switch is a disciplinary device taken from the green branches of a young tree. The outer bark or skin is removed from the green branch and then it is used to get some straightening.  The intensity of impact is measured by swish sound it emits when swung.

See attached video of switch picking for example of that swishing sound.

switch picking…

In most cases the child that’s about to get the disciplinary action exercised upon is usually the one who has to bare the emotional distress of picking the switch that is gonna welt marks all across their legs and feet, and probably a few on the back side from running. As these young one’s get older though, they tend to get halfway slick and start to bring you the flimsy easy to break switches… that’s when you have to start going out with them for a couple of reasons

  1. Let em know you’re not really that simple to let em get away with that and
  2. To teach em how to pick a good one out that never fails, and when they have children then they can do the same for them and pass it down for many generations…

and this is the part of the picking out a switch procedure that the video demonstrates.








Tashima August 16th, 2016

I remember when we was bad and m9m sent us outside to pick one and you better don’t pick a skinny one they hurt more. …

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